Pick Up (& Shipping)


Unfortunately we won't be adding shipping as an option through these online sales.

If you are unable to collect in person (see details below) PLEASE DON'T PURCHASE before agreeing any potential shipping requirements with the artist.

However, you may be able to arrange shipping direct with the Artist, so please read on.

If you'd like to investigate potential shipping of art work with the artist, please contact us via the CONTACT tab at top of this page, and we will forward your request to the artist on your behalf.

Please Note: 

You still have to enter details under the shipping section during checkout, regardless of whether you require shipping or not.

Unfortunately, we can't disable this feature. 



Purchased Art Work can be collected in person from the Union Hall, Otago University, at the following times: 

Friday August 13th, 4pm – 7pm

Monday August 16th, 9am – 12pm


Collecting a COPY:

If you are purchasing a COPY you will receive an email with details of when it will be ready for collection (from main OUSA reception). You should recieve the email within 10 working days after Art Week ends.


If you are unable to collect during this period, then please email us with your name and artwork purchased so we can put it aside for you to collect from:

Main OUSA Reception, 640 Cumberland Street, Dunedin.

Collection must be made during the week of August 16th - 20th August. Office hours 9am-4.30pm 

Please Note: 

If your purchased work is not collected within 14 working days of the pick-up date OUSA have the right to dispose of the artwork/or return to artist without issuing the purchaser a refund. 


Still have a question, then please contact us using through the CONTACT tab at top of page.

Many thanks.